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Lockheed Martin

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Typografie: Bild Directly neighbouring the new US-embassy at the Brandenburg gate is the biggest armament company of the world Lockheed Martin with a turnover of 39,6 Billion US-Dollar in 2006.

Lockheed Martin is specialized in aviation and space travel, besides various fighters and aircrafts for intelligence and transport the company produces several long distance guided missiles e.g. the nuclear missiles Trident and Poseidon. As their german colleagues on the other side of this gross drive-through Lockheed Martin stands for the old school of armament companies, here you have the carrier systems, there you get tanks, landmines and cluster bombs.

Even though there is more discussion right now in antimilitarist circles about the transformation of the army, intertwined warfare, armed drones and robo-cop-soldiers, the every day more comprehensive civil-military-complex and the militarization of everyday life; even though we think that it is of enormous inportance to understand all these changes, we want to emphasize at this point, that all these new strategies and technologies will in no way substitute the old heavy-metal-into-flesh-methods, but rather make them more effective. Lockheed Martin, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann und Diehl sit very calm here in a prominent place, visible nearly exclusively for their customers.

This quiteness should come to an end, and therefore this for sure hasn't been our last visit.

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